Photo by Oguz Baykal


ICB’s Safety Initiatives

The ICB has a long history of promoting safe skating. Our safety initiatives have ranged from creating and disseminating educational literature to obtaining, distributing, and requiring the use of safety equipment to offering on-pavement instruction in specific skills.

Here’s a quick summary of what we’ve done through the years:

Educational Efforts

“On Your Left” safety pamphlet, 1995
Created by ICB in association with the Mass. Medical Society
MMS printed 100,000 copies; distributed in schools, doctors’ offices, hospitals across New England.
“Gear Up, Skate Safe” card
ICB helped Ride & Roll Safely, Inc. create card, sponsored by Mass. Governor’s Highway Safety Bureau in 1997
200,000 cards distributed through schools and safety programs throughout the state
Mass. Governor’s Highway Safety Bureau’s “Pedestrian, Bicycle & Inline Skating Safety Program Guide”
ICB contributed to development of this community resource manual, which was printed in 1997.
Many safety-related articles have appeared in the ICB newsletter “The Bearing,” some of which are repeated in this Web site section on safety.
Participation at safety fairs and “town days,” including those in North Andover and Lexington
Equipment and Related Policies

Helmets and wrist guards required at all club events strict policy implemented in 1997.
Head lamps, blinkie lights, and reflective gear strongly recommended at all dusk/evening skating events.
In 1997, the ICB created and printed 6,000 reflective stickers with safety messages.
The ICB purchased 200 flashing red safety lights in 1998 for low-cost distribution to members.
In 1999, we pioneered a special members-only evening at Reflective Technologies Inc. for Club members to purchase “Illuminite” clothing at a discount. Due to the success of their relationship with the ICB, RTI has now begun to extend this idea to other clubs and organizations.
For the 2000 season, ICB negotiated a club price with NiteRider, the leading maker of personal sports lighting equipment. In this first year, this program has been offered to TeamICB and skate patrol members.
In 2000, we purchased and distributed reflective leg/arm bands with the ICB logo at low cost to members.
Skill Building

Run braking clinics on Memorial Drive
Run mini-clinics at group skates on coping with curbs, potholes, and other road hazards
Maintain list of certified instructors on our Web site and publish periodically in “The Bearing”
Developed a Skills Matrix to help skaters select events that are compatible with their abilities
Founded the ICB Shepherds in 1997 to provide on-street support for group skates
Merged the Shepherds with the Boston Skate Patrol to found and staff a new organization, the Boston Chapter of the National Skate Patrol, in 1998, so that our street skates would have an added element of safety by leveraging learnings shared by the Skate Patrol nationwide (for example, by promoting use of standard hand and voice signals at ICB group skates)