Photo by Oguz Baykal

Tuesday Night Skate

Tuesday Night Skate

Leader: Mitchell Webster
When: Every Tuesday
Departure Time: 7:30 pm sharp

As we like to say “the best way to see the City of Boston is on your skates!”.

Every Tuesday night the Inline Club of Boston (ICB) gathers up and enjoys an 11 to 12 mile skating adventure on the streets of Boston and the surrounding communities. Charlestown, South Boston, Brookline, Cambridge and Somerville are all regular destinations as well as Downtown Boston, the Back Bay and Boston’s scenic Water Front. If you have never seen the city while on your skates, you are in for a treat.

If you are wondering about your ability to participate in this event here are some important things to consider.

Depending on the time of year some or most of this skate will be in the dark. Although many parts of the city are well lit some are not. A good helmet light can be a great help but it is still important to be comfortable with the darkness at times.

We regularly skate in traffic which, at times, can be quite heavy. If you are not comfortable skating near moving automobiles this may not be for you.

The skate does occasionally go down some rather large hills. Although we try to choose the safest descents available you still need to be comfortable going down hill.

You will need to have excellent stopping skills. Sometimes it is hard to know when exactly you will have to stop so dependable stopping skills are really a must.

You will need to be able to negotiate a large variety of road obstacles. Curbs, sand, hydrants, Pedestrians!, and substandard pavement are all common.

We highly recommend that you wear all protective gear.

If you have any specific questions you can post a message to the ICB mailing list or our Facebook group. Our mailing list is informal, so don’t hesitate to ask questions there.

If you have little or no experience skating in the streets you may want to consider first trying the Sunday Morning City Skate to get started in a more relaxed and low key environment. It’s a great skate and you will meet plenty of people that will be happy to tell you everything you want to know about the Tuesday night skate.

We meet every Tuesday night (weather permitting) around 7:00 at the Hatch Shell. The skate departs at 7:30 and is usually between 1:45 and 2 hours. As previously stated the distance covered is between 11 and 12 miles. Post skate we retire to the Hill Tavern on Cambridge St. in Beacon Hill for food and drinks. Weekly announcements for the skate are broadcast on Monday and will appear on the ICB mailing
, Facebook page and Meetup page.

Participants must wear helmets and wrist guards, and complete safety gear is encouraged. The skate will be cancelled due to rain or other bad weather. Cancellations will be posted to our mailing list.

Check out the skills necessary for this event in our Skate Skills page.

We hope to see you out some Tuesday soon!